Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

The Barber Shop Club: Photos 2

In Progress 3.

It's show time..

Old school razors for sale. One on one classes offered also.

The BSC has over 30yrs cutting hair.

Mike Lane Master Barber.

Everything for him and a few things for her.

We have the largest selection of vintage pomade in town.

Hair by Woody Lovell Jr.

This is what we do.

Hair by Mike Lane.

Pick up your vintage razors from us.

The barbershop club has the best view in the Farmers Market.

Your next!

Hot trumpers shaving cream applied after ever cut.

Founder of The Barbershop Club 1942.

Girls, surf and movie stars , The Barbershop Club life style.

Vintage Barbershop Club on melrose 1993.

Cut me!

Get a shave while you're in. We even offer straight razor shaves.

Have a beer while you get a haircut!

The Barber Shop Club always have someone on hand to make sure we give the best service.

Enjoy some of the best food The Framers Market has to offer while you wait.

The Barbershop Club official work shirt.

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